Why do you love SOHO?

So why do people love SoHo so much anyway. Today, most of the people that you see in SoHo come for the high end shopping, cool restaurants, maybe even a little of celebrity gawking. But it wasn’t always this way.

SoHo not long ago was a place where men would go to have their way with women, for a price. A red light district let’s say. It was also an almost abandoned neighborhood with an unknown future. Not so long ago people like Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, or John Lennon walked the streets of SoHo as well. SoHo was their playground.

Artists, and the artistic spirit is why SoHo is famous. That is why people should come here. To reminisce or to just bathe in the artistic zenith that once lived here in SoHo.

SoHo is very lucky in a way because it survived the aggressive overreach of the Master Builder and developer himself, Robert Moses. Robert Moses’s legacy can be seen everywhere in New York City’s infrastructure and it’s vicinity. The Triborough Bridge, The Verrazano Bridge, the Brooklyn Queens Expressway to name a few. So SoHo as a neighborhood, is a survivor.

Many people, including Jean Jacobs, had a hand in saving SoHo. And lucky for us that they did because otherwise SoHo would not exist. SoHo as we know it would be an expressway. The Lower Manhattan Expressway, with its busy highways and overcrowded roads.

Sorry, no Michael Kors or cobblestone streets.

So is good to remember the past. And that is why The SoHo Memory project is so important. The SoHo Memory Project is having a Kickstarter campaign that will end in only a few days. Its goal is to create, or to show every one what SoHo used to be like in those days of Warhol and Basquiat and Lennon. They are the SoHo experience.

So come to SoHo and walk the streets that they walked as well.

And please support the SoHo Memory Project so that the future could know it’s past.

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