Are you SO over these glacial, bone-chilling temperatures? As you well know, the only way to survive these winters is with layers, layers, layers…so start stacking them on!
All fashionistas face the challenge of layering while avoiding looking too bulky and cocoon-esque in the winter months. So why not learn to layer in the most enviably chic way possible?
Madonna & Co’s Second Skin Tee is the perfect foundation of any layering. With a variety of styles that allow it to be dressed up or down, start any winter outfit with it. From the body skimming ballet scoop top that is both stylish and functional to the exquisite stitch design is the focus of the Net Ombre Mock Neck textured knit.
These fabulous tee’s live true to their name, embracing your body as a second skin with virtually NO bulk added to your outfit! When you layer black, texture is paramount! And the sheer tattoo effect of the seamless second skin is perfect for that…leaving you free to layer camisoles, vests and more for that stunning winter look.
A fabulous winter look would be layering the Second-Skin Tee with the one and only Leatherette Tunic Vest! Talk about sleek, stylish and warm. This look also works with the Leatherette & Faux Lamb Jacket.
Looking for a more relaxed look? Under your jacket, you can layer the same second skin tee with a sweater like the Cozy Sweater with Chiffon Hem and Cozy Sweater Coat, for an effortlessly voguish appearance.
If the winter frost still finds a way to creep its way in, don’t forget to include some fur in your ensemble. A vest like the Fox Vest will keep you as warm as it gets, while simultaneously looking sensational.

The key to layering remains to not stack on 5 different boring, bulky sweaters…but to switch it up and make it yours! Throw on a skin-tight tee with a sweater and fur vest, topped off with a scarf and final winter coat, with some killer boots on the bottom…and you’re ready to take on the
SoHo cold in great style.

Guest Blogger Madonna & Co.

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Last night, Marc Ecko unveiled the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Fall/Winter 2014 collection, at an exclusive New York Fashion Week event at the SoHo Apple store.
With models guised in Socrates, Emojis and Fashion Is Fiction masks, the presentation was an unequivocal rejection of traditional fashion norms.
Marc also shared his philosophy with us. He says, ” There is no such thing as a straight line. So, have healthy expectations and relationships with the things that you’re working with.”
There is something to say about wanting to be different, to stand out from the rest. Marc makes it clear to do this in all aspects of life. “That’s who I am, I am unapologetic about doing things my own way”, commented Ecko.
Channeling creativity, realizing that you must break away from convention and be ready to face reality in whichever way it comes at you. And that is just the thing, it will never come at you the way you expect it, and that is what you have to be prepared for and willing to accept and use to your advantage.
That is also what he stresses with the title of his book, Unlabel. Not using “un” in a negative connotation but instead as a refusal to be regular, like everybody else.
It is authenticity that has brought him where he is. It is not being afraid of getting out there and exploring new options although they may seem peculiar at first.
Marc’s journey went from spraying graffiti on t-shirts in his parent’s garage, to launching two hugely successful fashion platforms worth BILLIONS.
It was truly inspirational to see his new collection, and listen to his philosophy on not only what it means to be a brand, but also what it takes.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ralph Lauren Takes the Stage at the 2014 Winter Olympics

If you are one of those who enjoy watching top-notch athletes competing this February at the 2014 Winter Olympics, you better believe talent is not the only thing you will be seeing. There is no doubt these Olympians are going hard, bringing everything they’ve worked for on the playing field in Sochi, Russia, and even more, they will look good while doing it.
Designer Ralph Lauren is gearing Olympians up in the hottest athletic styles yet! As Team USA’s Official Outfitter since 2008, Ralph Lauren is designing, sourcing, and manufacturing their uniforms for the Opening Ceremony. Unveiled on NBC’s Today Show, you can bet that the new designs this 2014 season outstand anything he’s created before. Ralph Lauren’s Executive Vice President of Advertising, Marketing, and Corporate Communications stated, “It is a privilege to be a part of dressing Team USA during the Sochi Games. It’s a proud moment for us to watch these premier athletes as they walk out representing our nation on a global stage in front of billions of people worldwide.”
Ralph Lauren’s headquarters is located right here in New York City. You can imagine all the work from sketched designs, color patterns, and production all to create one spectacular final result. Every detail that goes into this creation is important, not only for Ralph Lauren’s image, but because as Team USA’s Winter Olympic outfitter, they are America’s representation, and all that we stand for. The uniforms our Olympians wear are to be worn proudly and should stand out around the world.
Many proud hands across America have been part of this remarkable process to help Ralph Lauren create the best quality clothing, and all this to support Team USA in the 2014 Winter Olympics.
Along with this athletic gear, Ralph Lauren also has a line for non-Olympians sold in stores now. Make sure to stop by Ralph Lauren on 109 Prince St. in Soho to check out the latest collection so you can root for Team USA at the Olympics starting February 7th in style!
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Friday, September 7, 2012
Benetton’s Pop-Up Shop Is Full of NSFW Mannequins 

A few weeks ago, Benetton announced that it would be opening a Soho pop-up shop featuring “knit-covered dolphins” and “sex positions.” Even by the standards of Fashion Week press releases, this was confusing. But the store opened yesterday, and lo and behold, it is indeed filled with dolphins and sex positions, as well as hundreds of Fair Isle sweaters.
Allow us to explain. The shop, dubbed the Art of Knit, is supposed to introduce customers to a newer, brighter Benetton—one that feels like 2012 even as it holds on to its knitwear roots. To that end, Benetton’s designers have commandeered a 2,200-square-foot former garage on Crosby Street just south of Houston and stocked it with pullovers and contemporary art.
Benetton’s plan is to change up the installations every few weeks, in order to lure people back as the weather gets colder. They’ll also be hosting events—knitting classes are one possibility—throughout the fall, wrapping up in December, when the store closes for good.
by Izzy Grinspan


February 09, 2012

Girls Strip For Store Duran Duran Video Re-Creation
Duran Duran’s “Girl Panic” video, which stars Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford and Eva Herzigova, will be re-created in a racy installation the windows of Savoir Beds’ SoHo store tonight. A bevy of models will emerge from Ferraris and Maseratis in Kiki de Montparnasse lingerie, stilettos and bondage gear and get stuck into a suggestive pillow fight in a replica of a suite at London’s Savoy Hotel in the store window starting at 7 p.m. The music video will be projected on the façade of a building opposite Savoir’s Wooster Street windows. Expected guests at tonight’s spectacle include Nikki Reed, Byrdie Bell, Jessica White, stylist Logan Horne, Vogue’s Virginia Smith and Mark Holgate.
Photo by MARTIN DIEPOLD/ copy by

November 04, 2010

Kardashians’ Dash NYC opening nearly ruined by crazed fans’ ‘disorderly conduct’
In true Kardashian fashion, Wednesday’s opening celebration of the sisters’ SoHo boutique, Dash NYC, was not without dramaWhile seemingly perfect photos of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney making model-worthy poses on the red carpet suggest a night full of glitz and glam, the reality is that on the other side of that very carpet were hundreds of spectators – and not every fan was on their best behavior.
The crowd, with cameras-in-hand, did their best to get a glimpse of the E! reality stars, but the excitement proved too much for some.
An NYPD source tells the Daily News that police were called to the scene “for a large crowd blocking the door.”
Contrary to some reports, no one was arrested, however the cops did issue “three summonses for disorderly conduct.” Dash, owned by the three sisters, is a clothing and accessory store with locations in Miami and Calabasas, Calif. The weeks of preparation for the newest locale will be featured on the upcoming reality series, “Kourtney and Kim Take New York.”
And sure enough, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe were at the store on Tuesday, overseeing last-minute preparations. The opening’s festivities, whose attendees included Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott Disick and rapper Kanye West, featured a look at the merchandise and treats from Baked By Melissa.
A few unruly people aside, the Kardashians seemed to think the night went well.
“Thank u to all of our amazing fans who came out to support @DashNYC u really mean the world to me and my sisters!” Kim tweeted. “U are the reason we exist!”

Added Kourtney in her own tweet, “The @DashNYC store opening last night was amazing! Store actually opens for business today at 11! Yayyyy!”

BY Shari Weiss
Daily News Writer

September 10, 2010
Fete Accompli | Chanel’s Chain Gang

Award at a luncheon today, but also to celebrate the new Chanel SoHo store with some very notable friends last night. The roomier digs, designed by Peter Marino, are actually an expansion – the brand took over the former Eres store next door – and they boast all your usual Chanel trademarks: plenty of black and cream bouclé, and Coco’s signature camellias here and there.

But while it’s a lovely exercise in how luxury stores should look, attentions were understandably elsewhere given the starry crowd. We could start by mentioning the seasoned fashion crew (Shalom Harlow, Angela Lindvall, Lagerfeld’s right-hand man Brad Koenig, Erin Wasson), bright young Hollywood things (Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester) and the foreign contingent (Olivier Zahm, Clemence Poesy, Daisy Lowe), but that wouldn’t be fair to Sarah Jessica Parker, Patrick Demarchelier and Jessica Stam, would it? Though the list could go on, the British import Alexa Chung, who was manning the turntables for the night, was nonplussed.
“I get to indulge and play whatever I want and be selfish,” Chung said. “I’m not a D.J. that takes
requests. You see these two tile? This is my domain.”

Chung wasn’t the only girl with pluck for the night. Claire Danes joked on how changing hairstyles can help a girl stay on top of the social game. “You have to stay in a constant state of desire,” the actress said. Meanwhile, Lou Doillon wasn’t so much interested in looks as she was in an artistic outlook on life. Playing around with an ingenious “graffiti” board installed by Chanel for the night, Doillon spent a bit of time on her “tag.” ”It’s box boy, I draw him in my diary all the time,” Doillon said.
“It’s because I think we live life in boxes. Everything always has to fit into nice little categories.” And how about the, er, lewd drawing next to box boy? “Oh, no, I didn’t do that. That’s obviously a guy. Guys feel the need to mark their territory.”

Any males lucky enough to stick around after the cocktail party would have been plenty pleased with the territory; a female-heavy group made it to dinner afterward at the Chanel SoHo Club, created in the raw basement space of 82 Mercer Street, where the 19-year-old Izia, currently being touted as the Janis Joplin of Paris, rocked the house. Sorry, crashers, it’s open for one night only.

Aug 18, 2010
American Apparel: All News Is Bad News
Yesterday came the first real signs that American Apparel could soon face bankruptcy. Today, the news for Dov Charney’s breast-covering empire grows darker: a shareholder lawsuit, rumored store closings
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May 17, 2010
Marc Jacobs Employee Mistook Cocaine Delivery for Anthrax Attack
An employee at Marc Jacobs’ SoHo store intercepted a delivery of cocaine; she called the cops because she thought it was anthrax. It can be hard to tell the difference between drug dealers and
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July 16, 2009
Finally, the Models Catch a Break
Life sucks. Everyone knows this. Of course, life sucks most for the models. All those castings and photo shoots and cocaine-fueled orgies and whatnot! How do they do it?!
Well, things are finally looking up, thanks …
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July 10, 2008
THE Ilori store in SoHo must be one of the only sunglass
emporiums with a V.I.P. room. Lounging there with a flute of Moët,
nibbling dark chocolate, shoppers
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March 27, 2008
QUICK: When we say Sweden, you say what?
The bikini team, Ikea, meatballs, the chef on “The Muppet Show,” H&M?
How about Acne
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March 22, 2008
FASHION designer Juliette Longuet sure knows how
to draw a crowd. She announced that her party the other night at
Blue & Cream would be full of hookers.
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March 14, 2008
Here’s a first look at the much-heralded cotton field on Houston,
creatively installed to promote Supima‘s pop-up cotton
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March 13, 2008
This is especially difficult when you walk into a store
like Atelier where there are no hidden corners. The boutique is full
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March 9, 2008
Karlo Steel has a secret, but not for long.
Next month Atelier New York, the tiny, unmarked SoHo shop he opened in 2002 
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February 27, 2008
In 1988, Augustine Tse created a line of cashmeres
that flew off the shelves at Barneys New York and Saks
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February 19, 2008
Fashion house Hugo Boss is moving into a
 building owned by Scholastic 
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September 7, 2007
In a city of millions, where many live in small apartments,
well-priced, scaled-down home
furnishings are always in demand. CB2 
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