Marc Ecko Launches New Collection in SoHo!

Last night, Marc Ecko unveiled the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Fall/Winter 2014 collection, at an exclusive New York Fashion Week event at the SoHo Apple store.

With models guised in Socrates, Emojis and Fashion Is Fiction masks, the presentation was an unequivocal rejection of traditional fashion norms.

Marc also shared his philosophy with us. He says, ” There is no such thing as a straight line. So, have healthy expectations and relationships with the things that you’re working with.”

There is something to say about wanting to be different, to stand out from the rest. Marc makes it clear to do this in all aspects of life. “That’s who I am, I am unapologetic about doing things my own way”, commented Ecko.

Channeling creativity, realizing that you must break away from convention and be ready to face reality in whichever way it comes at you. And that is just the thing, it will never come at you the way you expect it, and that is what you have to be prepared for and willing to accept and use to your advantage.

That is also what he stresses with the title of his book, Unlabel. Not using “un” in a negative connotation but instead as a refusal to be regular, like everybody else.

It is authenticity that has brought him where he is. It is not being afraid of getting out there and exploring new options although they may seem peculiar at first.

Marc’s journey went from spraying graffiti on t-shirts in his parent’s garage, to launching two hugely successful fashion platforms worth BILLIONS.

It was truly inspirational to see his new collection, and listen to his philosophy on not only what it means to be a brand, but also what it takes.

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