Did “Fearless Girl” stepped on bull manure?

“Fearless Girl”, the new bronze statue of a small defiant girl, created by Kristen Visbal, is now world famous.
The new statue was installed as a temporary installation, facing the iconic “Charging Bull”, in downtown Manhattan, to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 of this year. The statue, said to celebrate “the power of women in leadership,’’ stands fiercely with her hands on her hips, seeming to stand in the way of the Wall Street “Charging Bull”

“Fearless Girl” has now been given a temporary extension until March of next year.
With her countless supporters including York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, and the throng of female visitors to the installation, “Fearless Girl” has establish herself as an icon to women everywhere.
But there is at least one person who is very upset. The artist.
Mr Arturo Di Modica created the work while living in SoHo.
According to an interview by CBS correspondent Mr Tony Dokoupil, Mr Arturo Piccolo who is Mr Di Modica’s spokesman said “They are transforming illegally the message of the bull,”
The bull was installed at the Bowling Green Park in Downtown Manhattan in 1989. The oversize sculpture is meant to be a symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity.
Mr Dokoupil also asked Ms Visbal “What would you say to people who think the bull was fine on its own, and the girl changes the meaning of that statue?”
“You know, the world changes, and women are here. We are an integral part of the business community and we’re going to be even more important tomorrow,” she responded.
“Bottom line is she says women are strong, women are here,”
There is no doubt about the importance of the message that “Fearless Girl” represents, and one that should be supported by everyone.
But how would Ms Visbal feel if someone treated “Fearless Girl” with the same disrespect as she is treating a fellow artist Arturo DeModica, and his work?

This is not about sympathy or the world moving on. It is about one artist having respect for another artist work.
Ms Visbal needs to respect Mr Di Modica work.

“Fearless Girl” needs to stand on her own.

(Pictue credit to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fearless_Girl)

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