Aw, F**k! Is The Latest Calvin Klein Billboard Cursing?’

By Garth Johnston
Calvin Klein has a history of provocative ads dating back to when nothing came between a 15-year-old Brooke Shields and her Calvins. And over the years the company’s billboard at Houston and Lafayette has garnered its fair share of controversy. But if we were supposed to be scandalized by the company’s latest ad, well, it didn’t quite work for us.
What’s the issue at hand? According to CBS the problem with the latest poster for CK One is that it subliminally spells out “fuck.” Gasp! Don’t see it? To help you we spelled it out for you. Basically the side of the table behind that emaciated young woman is the “F,” her black panties are the “U” and the “CK” from CK One is the “CK.” How risque, right?
Also, yawn.
But one man’s kinda boring poster is another man’s porn, we guess. Because naturally CBS was able to find some offended passersby to tisk-tisk the titillating poster: One woman from Manhattan worried that “It’s subliminal messaging. I don’t think it’s healthy or good for anyone, not even just young kids,” and Mandy, from Jersey, says that “I think it’s disgusting, they shouldn’t have that out here.”

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