American Apparel not looking for hoes

In what has to be the craziest move by a casting company, PhotoGenics media has just launched the first model casting in the “after” Dov Charney era.

“No Instagram Hoes Or Thots” is what they included in the e-mail that the casting company sent out, for the newest American Apparel Campaign. This Campaign will be the first advertising campaign after the founder and CEO Dov Charney was fired for the second time from the company.

Just for all of you who don’t know what “THOTS” stand for, it stands for “That Hoe Over There”.

PhotoGenics media, is the new casting company that American Apparel has hired to rehabilitate the brand.

The company, under Dov Charney, became famous for elevating nipples and pubic hair to an art form, and using it in it’s advertising. Because of this the company has struggled and it’s stock has taken a big hit lately, trading at less than a dollar.

And how was Dov Charney able to get back to American Apparel after his first firing?

He never really left. Dov Charney was kept as a consultant, by the American Apparel board, even though the board had some disturbing information about Dov Charrney that suggested sexual misconduct.

After the first firing, he was able to approach hedge fund Standard General for help and Standard General agreed to buy a large portion of American Apparel shares. In exchange for the shares, Dov Charney handed voting powers of his shares to the hedge fund so that the fund would be able to secure the majority of the board seats.

Initially Dov Charney was plotting to once again be CEO of the company he founded, and there were negotiations between Charney and the board throughout the summer, but as fall began, difficulties arose and they never really settled.

Because of these and other problems Dov Charney was terminated for the second time.

Dov Charney founded American Apparel in 1998.

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American Apparel not looking for hoes

In what has to be the craziest move by a casting company,...
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